The Satoshi Protocol will be deployed across entire Bitcoin ecosystem, including both the Bitcoin mainnet and Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions. The stablecoin SAT is designed as a multi-chain token, capable of circulating seamlessly across different chains. Notably, SAT will also be supported on the Bitcoin network, making it one of the few CDP stablecoins capable of operating on a non-programmable network. This cross-chain capability significantly enhances SAT's versatility and utility within the decentralized finance landscape.

Operational Mechanism - Bitcoin

Given that Bitcoin is a non-programmable network, we will utilize Bitcoin Layer 2 as the execution layer. By leveraging Layer 2 smart contracts, we can implement the logic behind the CDP stablecoin, including issuance, redemption, liquidation, and position adjustments. Through the integration of cross-chain bridges, the stablecoin can circulate seamlessly within the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.

Multi-Token Standard Compatibility

Different blockchain networks operate with various token standards. For instance, Bitcoin Layer 2 and EVM-compatible networks utilize the ERC-20 standard, while the Bitcoin mainnet supports standards such as RUNES, BRC-20, ARC-20. To provide users with an optimal experience and enable them to utilize the same stablecoin across different ecosystems, SAT will feature multi-token standard compatibility. This functionality allows for seamless switching between different token formats, ensuring that SAT can be efficiently and effectively used across multiple blockchain environments. By implementing this multi-token standard compatibility, we aim to enhance interoperability and user convenience, thereby expanding the utility and accessibility of SAT within the DeFi.

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