Overview of the SDK

The Satoshi Protocol SDK is a comprehensive toolkit for developers to integrate and interact with the Satoshi Protocol, a DeFi platform on the blockchain. This SDK is structured to facilitate various operations such as borrowing, earning, staking, and cross-chain functionality. Here’s a brief overview of the main components and their functions:

Directory Structure:

  • /src: Contains the source code for the SDK.

    • abi: Holds ABI files necessary for smart contract interactions.

    • api: Functions for direct API calls to the Satoshi Protocol.

    • config: Configuration files that specify chain parameters and protocol settings.

    • core: Core functionalities such as borrow, deposit, repay, and withdraw operations.

    • core/utils: Utility functions that support various features like calculations, hints, and total debt amounts.

    • types: TypeScript type definitions for assets and configurations.

Key Features:

Trove Operations:

  • OpenTrove

    • Purpose: Borrow SAT stable coins by depositing collateral into a new trove.

    • Usage: Used to initiate participation in the lending system, allowing users to lock in collateral in exchange for stable coins.

  • Deposit

    • Purpose: Add additional collateral to an existing trove to increase the collateral ratio.

    • Usage: Helps maintain a safe buffer against price fluctuations, potentially allowing for further borrowing without reducing safety margins.

  • Withdraw

    • Purpose: Remove collateral from a trove while maintaining the required minimum collateral ratio.

    • Usage: Permits users to retrieve excess collateral, useful when the collateral's value increases or the debt is partially repaid.

  • Borrow

    • Purpose: Borrow more SAT stable coins against the existing collateral in the trove.

    • Usage: Enables further leveraging of investments by increasing stable coins borrowings against secured collateral.

  • Repay

    • Purpose: Pay back borrowed SAT stable coins to reduce the trove’s debt.

    • Usage: Reduces interest liabilities and risk of liquidation by improving the collateral-to-debt ratio.

  • Close

    • Purpose: Close the trove by repaying all debts and reclaiming all collateral.

    • Usage: Ends participation in the borrowing system and liquidates the position, returning all collateral to the user.

  • Redeem

    • Purpose: Let users redeem SAT for collateral, ensuring the stability of the peg to the USD.

Stability Pool Operations:

  • Deposit

    • Purpose: Users deposit SAT stable coins into the Stability Pool to participate in covering liquidations and earning returns from the pool's operations.

    • Usage:

      1. Enhance Pool Stability: By contributing to the pool, users help maintain overall system stability.

      2. Earn Returns: Participants can earn rewards based on the pool's performance and their contribution.

  • Withdraw

    • Purpose: Allows users to withdraw their deposited SAT stable coins from the Stability Pool, reducing their involvement but also their potential earnings.

    • Usage:

      1. Retrieve Liquidity: Users can withdraw their contributions for personal liquidity needs.

      2. Adjust Investment: Manage exposure to the Stability Pool based on market conditions or personal strategy changes.

  • Claim

    • Purpose: Allows users to claim accumulated collateral gains from the Stability Pool.

    • Usage: This function is crucial for users who have contributed to the pool and have earned returns as the pool liquidates troves that fall below the required collateral-to-debt ratio.

This SDK is built with flexibility in mind, supporting multiple blockchain networks and providing a rich set of features to engage with decentralized finance applications.

If you have any problems while developing, please don't hesitate to let us know. Contact us on Discord or Telegram.

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