Overview of OSHI

OSHI tokens are a foundational element of the protocol, designed to incentivize participation and reward contributions within the ecosystem. The total supply capped at 100,000,000 tokens, with a meticulousy planned distribution to ensure the protocol's long-term sustainability.

OSHI Distribution and Release Schedule

  • Investor: 15%, unlock 10% 3 months after TGE. The remaining 90% undergoes a 6-month cliff after TGE, followed by linear vesting over 24 months.

  • Advisor: 2%, with a 12-month cliff after TGE, followed by 30 months of linear vesting.

  • Team: 15%, with a 12-month cliff after TGE, followed by 30 months of linear vesting.

  • Reserve: 21%, with 60 months of linear vesting.

  • Ecosystem Incentive: 45%, with 60 months of linear vesting.

  • Public Sale: 2%

Mining Mechanism of OSHI Tokens

The allocation for ecosystem incentives, amounting to 45% of the total supply, is executed through a structured mining mechanism. This Mining is divided into three distinct approaches, each designed to contribute to enhance the protocol's utility and stability:

  1. Create Position (20%): This mechanism incentivizes borrowing SAT from the protocol. The duration and quantity of SAT borrowed contribute to OSHI token mining.

  2. Deposit SAT (10%): Depositing SAT into the Stability Pool (SP) bolsters the overall robustness of the protocol, as the SP helps absorb potential liquidations. This action safeguards the protocol's solvency and rewards contributors with OSHI tokens for their role in maintaining stability. The amount of SAT deposited into the SP is crucial in determining the quantity of OSHI tokens mined.

  3. Utilize SAT (15%): Providing liquidity to the liquidity pool, using SAT as collateral, or any activity utilizing SAT to help expand its use cases, will be rewarded with OSHI tokens.

Utilization of OSHI Tokens

Beyond future voting rights, one of the primary utilities of the OSHI token is to allow holders to stake their OSHI for sOSHI, representing their share in the protocol's revenue.

The locking process enhances participants' stakes within the protocol, with selectable locking periods of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Opting for a longer vesting period results in a greater conversion rate of sOSHI, directly correlating with weights of 1, 2, 3, and 4 for the respective locking durations.

If participants choose to keep their tokens locked beyond the chosen period, the accrued weight remains constant and does not diminish.

For instance, if a user locks 2 OSHI tokens for 6 months, they will achieve a weight of 4 in sOSHI. Upon the lapse of six months, the user has the option to withdraw; however, choosing not to withdraw maintains their weight of 4 in sOSHI, which neither increases nor vanishes over time.

It's important to note that this vesting process is irreversibleβ€”once initiated, there is no mechanism to undo or withdraw early.

Benefits for sOSHI

Holders of sOSHI are entitled to share in the entire revenue of the protocol. For specific details, please refer to the Revenue Structure page.

Through this framework, the Satoshi Protocol incentivizes long-term participation and investment in the protocol's health and success, aligning the interests of its users with the overarching goal of maintaining a stable and profitable ecosystem.

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