Why is my SAT amount in the stability pool less than my initial deposit ?

Why is my SAT amount in the stability pool less than my initial deposit?

When you deposit SAT into the stability pool, you are providing liquidity for the Satoshi Protocol to ensure sufficient liquidity for liquidations. In return, you can earn BTC at a discounted price.

Even though you initially deposited 10 SAT, the current market conditions might allow you to withdraw only 6.16 SAT directly. Additionally, you can claim 0.000062 wBTC.

The value of this wBTC depends on the BTC price:

  • If BTC is $70,000, 0.000062 wBTC equals approximately 4.34 SAT.

  • If BTC drops to $65,000, 0.000062 wBTC equals about 4.03 SAT.

  • If BTC further drops to $60,000, 0.000062 wBTC equals around 3.72 SAT.

Therefore, the total value you can withdraw, combining SAT and the equivalent in wBTC, varies with BTC's price. For instance, at a BTC price of $70,000, the approximate total value you can withdraw would be 10.50 SAT (6.16 SAT + 4.34 SAT), slightly exceeding your initial deposit.

This calculation illustrates that your returns are influenced by the fluctuating value of BTC and the dynamics of the stability pool.

Why didn't my BTC balance increase after claiming from the stability pool, redemption?

When you claim from the Stability Pool or through redemption, you receive wBTC, which is different from BTC. wBTC is similar to wETH in that it represents BTC on the blockchain. To see your balance, you need to add the wBTC contract address to your wallet.

wBTC Contract Address: 0xB5136FEba197f5fF4B765E5b50c74db717796dcD

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